We hope that everyone is well and staying safe. We understand that many of you may be going through some financial difficulties. Please contact either James or Deirdre to either setup a payment or discuss your situation. We are more than happy to work out a plan that works for you. You either call the us at 631-849-4820 or email tidesbeachrp@gmail.com.

The beach will be staffed with bathrooms open on Fridays 12-8pm, Saturday 12-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm through June 28th.  Then the beach will be open daily through Labor Day.  

More than ever before, it is absolutely required that the bottom lock must be locked.  In the last week we have had a few instances where members have not locked the bottom lock and therefore, allowing non-members to tamper with the gate, gaining access to the beach.  If the locking system is damaged and we verify on camera who left the gate unlocked, we will demand that member to give up their key access.  It costs time and effort to consistently go down and repair the lock/gate day after day.  

If you have problems locking the gate, please let us know, we can show you how to properly lock the gate.  

Passes have just been printed and will be mailed to all paid members within the next week or so.

Please continue to use last years key to open and close the gate.  

Thank you! 


Arctic visitors to the Tides Beach

On February 19, 2020, at least twenty-seven Brant (Branta bernicla) visited the Tides Beach. Brant breeds in the Arctic; winters along the coast south to California and the Carolinas. Rarely seen here this flock most likely is migrating back to the Arctic. Brant never visit the interior of North America. They are similar to Canada geese but are smaller, shorter neck, and lack the conspicuous white cheek patch. Dark brown above with black head and neck, and an inconspicuous white mark on the side of the neck.

Migrating flocks can be identified at a great distance as they travel in erratic, constantly shifting bunches unlike the V-shaped flocks of Canada Geese or the long, irregular lines of Snow Geese.

                                                             See pictures below.